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A Vault Dweller’s Journey

A Vault Dweller’s Journey

Part 3.

Things get explosive for Greg Giddens in A Vault Dwellers Journey Episode 3.

IT WASN’T far to walk to get from Silvers hideout back to Megaton, but I’d loaded myself up with so much stolen crap that it was pretty hard going. Eventually I made it to the gates, and just as I was hobbling past, the robot sentry outside it sudden spoke.

“Welcome to Megaton.”

Fucking frightened the life out of me. This was the first time, out of several walk bys, that it had spoken. The robotcontinued to chat away as I pushed towards the gate, pretending that I hadn’t just jumped and wet myself ever so slightly. It seemed pleasant enough, the robot not the warm trickle on my legs. Not unlike the robot we had back in the vault. I guess they’re all like that; obedient pieces of tin ready to do our bidding. After climbing the steel slopes up to Chatty’s store, I walked inside, plonked my gear on her desk and grinned at her. Chatty’s pretty clueless fortunately and happily started talking prices with me. Her security guard, however, gave me a look of knowing. He’ll be watching me carefully from now on so I best find other stores to sell stuff to in the future.

I’m not always a bastard

Chatty priced up my goods but didn’t have the cash to pay me outright for it all. I browsed her store for ammo and stimpacks and found a good balance of payment between goods and cash. I now had the money to buy Moriaty’s information about my father, but before I could head over and sort that out it seems I owed Chatty a favour.

“…Ghosts don’t exist. But landmines do. Oh boy, do they. And that’s what we need to study.” Chatty said as I tuned in from counting my caps.

I think she must have been talking before I tuned in. In fact as I stood there staring at her I began to remember her saying something about going to a place called Minefield, and disarming and bringing back some mines for her to study. I got her to mark the town’s location on my Pip Boy then headed out to get these mines for her. She wanted me to help her gather information so she could write a survival guide on the wasteland. To be honest that’s a pretty good idea. I know I’d find it handy. So whilst I agreed to help get these mines largely to keep the guard from getting too suspicious, I may help her out for the sake of helping her from now on. I’m not always a bastard.

Minefield, as it turns out, was fucking miles away. Thank the nuke I’d sold all that crap, I wouldn’t have had theenergy to travel this far with any more stuff on me. I was a bit concerned about disarming the mines once I neared the town. Chatty said it’s just a matter of pressing a button on them once they start beeping, and making sure to be quick about it before it explodes. Easier said than done, I imagined.

Very, very carefully I began my approach up the torn up, cracked road surface, treading lightly and remaining ever watchful for the saucer shape of a mine. I saw one a few meters in front. Slowly now, don’t rush. Beep, beep, beep, beep. Fuck, fuck, fuck! And silence. It worked. One mine disarmed.

Suddenly a shot rang out and I heard the ping of a bullet ricochet off the ground. Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. Oh shit! That shot had woken up a bunch of mines. I began to run back the way I came, barely making it out of the way of the mighty explosion. Staying on my feet, just barely, I turned to see the damage. Huge bellows of smoke were rising to the sky and a car, sat not far from me, was lightly roasting in a fire. The car then exploded with the power of miniature nuke. For a split second, I could feel myself flying through the air. It seemed like minutes were passing by as the world slowed down and I witnessed the mushroom shape of the explosion. Then darkness…


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