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Big changes afoot at Resolution

Moving on up

Big changes afoot at Resolution

TODAY MARKS the start of a rather exciting era for Resolution. We’re joining forces with BeefJack in order to conquer the world! Or at least offer you some fantastic and original content.

Never fear, we’ll still be the site that you know and love. It’s just that our content will soon be solely on BeefJack. It’ll be a shame to lose the Resolution name but that’s all we’re losing. We’ll still be writing the articles and reviews that you know and love.

Our writing team will be featuring prominently alongside the excellent standard of writers over at BeefJack. Some of you might recognise the name of the editor of BeefJack, namely Lewis Denby, previous editor and creator of this fair site.

The merger will ensure that we can bring you all the latest news, all the biggest reviews and some very interesting features in the future.

It’s been a fantastic few years for Resolution but we’ve no doubt that this is the start of something special.

We strongly believe that this merger will be a great move for both websites, as well as you dear reader. We truly hope that you agree and that you’ll be following us to BeefJack when Resolution closes its doors in the next few weeks.

Jennifer Allen


    For some reason I’m not surprised.

    Sad to see Resolution go. Good luck @ beefjack!

  • I’ll be proud to stand back to back with writers I respect and, critically, whose work I read a lot of. Together we’ll destroy the Big Bad.

    That is why we’re joining forces, right?

  • Congrats Reso-ers :)

  • I’ll definitely miss Resolution. It seems more focused and straightforward than BeefJack.

  • A shame to lose the Reso identity, but I’m sure it’ll work out well for all involved. Good luck guys!

  • Good luck with everything!

  • Good luck to all involved and I wish you all the greatest success at Beef Jack! :)

  • A shame, as the site is excellent as it is. Essentially, it’s to Gamespot what my friendly local convenience store is to the shopping mall in town.

    Unfortunately, I’ve never heard of no BeefJack, and, as a vegetarian and perennial despiser of the name ‘Jack’, I take great umbrage to this joining.

    Furthermore, a mysterious fortune teller that I once knew foretold of this event – she basically said it was the catalyst for Armageddon. Then we had mysterious, fortune teller sex.

    But you don’t need to know about that.

    Look: I just need assurance that no animals are being harmed on this ‘ere BeefSimon website, that’s all. Then I’m in – in like a thing built solely for going in things that doesn’t hold back with the in-ing.


    W. Badger

  • I can neither confirm nor deny speculations about bovine cruelty at Reso’s new home.

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