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Fallout: A Vault Dweller’s Journey

Fallout: A Vault Dweller’s Journey

Part five.

No more messing around for Greg Giddens as he leaves the comforts of Megaton to resume his search for his father in A Vault Dwellers Journey Episode 5.

CHATTY WAS quite eager to continue with the research for the book, but I explained my situation to her and she understood my reasons for moving on. She had very few caps left so I exchanged what kit I could for some of her wares and left her be. I saw a travelling vendor outside the gate so I planned to sell the rest to him on my way out.

Moriarty was hanging around outside his bar, as usual, picking his nose and staring into the distance. I caught his gaze as I walked up to him.

“I’ve dealt with Silver.” I said.

“Good lad. Tell you what, give me 100 caps and we’ll call it quits.”

I handed over the caps; slightly annoyed that I had to do his dirty work but I did appreciate the 200 caps he didn’t take from me. Moriarty told me about how my father passed through on his way to some radio station in the ruins of the city. He marked it on my Pip Boy and off I set to check it out.

Leaving my new home

The vender was still outside the gate and had enough caps to buy the kit I’d ‘found’ from the huge store. I glanced at my Pip Boy’s map, figured the direction and begin walking, with my hand hovering over my pistol in case something nasty attacked me.

In the blink of an eye I arrived at the huge store. It was like I teleported here; weird. The rest of the journey was a lot more troublesome. In order to get to the radio station I needed to get deeper into the ruined city, and these old tunnels I found with “Metro” written above the entrances seemed like the only way to do it.

I was terrified of going inside. I’d heard rumours back when I was in the vault and from some of the patrons in Moriarty’s bar, that feral ghouls and super mutants roams these tunnels, not to mention raiders. The raiders didn’t bother me so much, they were human, but the other things were something else, something alien to me.

With my heart beating like crazy I entered the tunnel, turned my Pip Boy’s light on and ventured deep underground. I followed my Pip Boy’s directions the best I could but the maze like tunnels did a great job of getting me lost. Sure enough, these tunnels were full of feral ghouls, and those motherfuckers were fast. The second they spotted me they would leg it full pelt with intent to eat. Scary little buggers were on top of me before I could fire a straight shot. I eventually calmed myself down enough to deal with the ghouls but my heart was starting to hurt from all the scares and adrenaline pumping through me. Finally I found an exit.

Back up in the fresh air I felt much safer, and then the super mutants showed up. Two hulking great beasts, both branding hunting rifles, appeared from a ruined building and immediately started firing at me. I took cover behind a personal shelter thing, one of those man sized, steel shelters apparently erected before the nukes fell to aid citizens stuck outside if a nuke did come down. With bullets ricocheting off the shelter and the ground, I peeked round the corner and fired my pistol at them.

My first super mutant

The fire fight seemed to last hours, but in reality it couldn’t of been longer than a few minutes. I killed one of them but was running severely low on ammo by that point. Thank Atom a bunch of knights appeared and assisted me. The Pride of Lyons they called themselves, lead by Sarah Lyon from a military group called the Brotherhood of Steel. At the time I had no idea what this group of soldiers were. From what I could tell they were well trained, well equipped and determined, and luckily for me they were heading towards the radio station.

Apparently the super mutants had setup base near the radio station, and with this station being a base for these Brotherhood of Steel chaps, things got messy. I followed close behind the pride as they moved forwards. I passed by one of their injured and, whilst no one was looking, I nicked all his stuff. We came to a large ruined school building, full of super mutants. I hung back and watched in awe as the Pride of Lyons did what they did best. Laser fire and automatic rounds filled the air as the two sides fought it out. It was kind of beautiful, in its own way. With the school’s perimeter clear, they moved forwards into the school. As they did, I looted the corpses of both sides dead. I figured they weren’t using it so why not?


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