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Fallout: A Vault Dweller’s Journey

Fallout: A Vault Dweller’s Journey

Part two

Things turn violent for Greg Giddens as he continues his search for his father in A Vault Dwellers Journey Episode 2.

THE TIMING for illicit deeds was perfect. Last light was just setting in and best of all half these shacks aren’t even locked. Sneaking around from shack to shack I ended up with a fair share of crap, but right now every cap counts, so all this junk suddenly becomes treasure to me. As a final fuck you to law and order my last target was Sheriff Simms’ shack. Unfortunately it’s locked, not a drama, I’ve got a few bobby pins left, time to work my magic. Fuck, that’s one broken, shit, and another, ‘click’ there we go, third time’s a charm.

Is that a sin or just a law?

It’s a little bigger than the other shacks in town; I’ll need to be careful. Larger area to search means longer on site and higher chance of getting caught. I’m quite certain finding the vault prick from earlier in his bedroom is going to get me the good news from the business end of his rifle. With my sack of goodies near enough full now seems like a good time to leave, wait, what’s that? A figurine with a moving head, that looks pretty cool, yoink! Suddenly the front door came crashing open. I span round in a frenzy almost dropping my bag of swipe. Immediately I noticed the door was actually very calmly being pushed open, the crashing noise I thought I heard was just me on edge, shitting myself.

The silhouette was unmistakable; the cowboy hat gives it away, Sheriff Simms. With no windows or other exits to leg it or dive through it looks like my pistol is the only way out here, if I can calm myself down enough to hold it steady. It took twenty fucking shots earlier to kill that fucking Bloatfly, how the hell am I going to slot a human branding a rifle with just the ten shots I’ve got left? I’m so fucking dead.  Wait, calm down, now what is it they always say “squeeze the trigger don’t pull”, wait, squeeze? It’s a fucking trigger not a button; you have to pull it or it ain’t going to do shit. Stop it, don’t over analyse the situation, it’s just going to get you killed sooner, or is it? Fuck, stop it.

Right here’s the plan, when Simms walks out of the shadows, start munching on an iguana stick and acting a little drunk. Yeah that’s perfect. Drunken fool stumbles into a shack in search for food, nothing could be more innocent. If he goes for his rifle however, then draw the pistol and pray to the nuke you hit him somewhere good.


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