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Fallout: A Vault Dweller’s Journey

Fallout: A Vault Dweller’s Journey

Part 1

Greg Giddens takes you on a tour of the Fallout 3 wasteland in the new series A Vault Dwellers Journey.

ONLY A few days ago I was safe and comfortable inside vault 101. Funny how quickly things change, how fate can lead you into such danger so quickly. On leaving the vault I almost immediately found myself having to kill in order to survive. A Bloatfly, the size of a human head, attacked me just a few short steps from the vault door.  My father left the vault only a matter of hours ago but I found little trace of him. I came by a town called Megaton close to the vault, seemed like a good place to ask some questions but I’ve never been good at socialising and those I met must of known it, they decided I was a prick after taking one look. Perceptive bunch.  The only person that seemed to like me was the sheriff of Megaton, Simms, but that soon changed when I opened my mouth. Still, he did help point me in the right direction for information about my father, a local bar owner, Moriarty, so that’s where I am now, in a bar waiting for this guy to show.

No place like home

This town is a complete shit hole. A bunch of poorly built buildings made of corrugated sheets of metal, all covered in dirt and grime. They have a two headed Brahmin cow in the centre right next to an unexploded nuclear bomb. An unexploded nuke. These people are fucking crazy. And to really put the icing on the crazy cake there is a cult who worship the bomb, call themselves ‘The Children of the Atom’.

This place is a complete dump, depressingly so. Never thought I’d say this but I miss the vault. At least the vault was clean, I’ve got half a mind to burn my clothes when I leave here rather than catch whatever diseases and shit these guys have. There’s some movement behind the bar, looks like someone is coming from the back room.

Fucking hell what is that?

A strange zombie like creature emerged from the backroom, flesh barely hanging on its face.

“What you looking at?” it sneered

Fuck me it can talk. “What the hell are you?”

“What, you never seen a ghoul before?”

So that’s what a ghoul looks like. I remember learning about these mutated humans back when I was in school, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen one in the flesh, so to speak.

“A ghoul huh? well how about that?” I was able to spit that out without grimacing or wrenching, that’s personal growth for me.

“Yeah I’m a ghoul, where you from? A vault?”

“Yeah, 101, I just err found my way out.” No way I’m telling it how I got out, I have no idea what the law of the land is up here, last thing I want is for everyone to know I’m a murderer. “I need to find Moriarty, is he about?” no harm in asking I guess, worst it, sorry I mean he, can do is tell me to fuck off.

“He’s out, now fuck off!”

Looks like I was half right.


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