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Friday Freebie

Friday Freebie

Effing Meteors.

Leena Van Deventer shows us around EFFING METEORS.

EACH WEEK I’m going to be finding a neat little (free) browser-based game for you to devour when you have some time to kill. Today’s tasty morsel is a game with one of the coolest names in the history of games: Effing Meteors. Effing METEORS MAN! Developed by Greg Wohlwend (art), Jacob Grahn (programming) and Arseniy Shkljaev (music), Effing Meteors is a tongue-in-cheek extinction shooter at it’s core, and this starts to ooze out of it at every given opportunity.

By holding down your cursor and moving your mouse around to collect space debris, you can start creating super meteors to try and rain death and destruction down on the awaiting masses, composed of little critters begging to be extinctified. The longer you collect debris, the larger the meteor becomes (even becoming a planetoid if you leave it long enough) and the more damage it does on contact with the pitiful suckers below. Your first level involves them being quite easy to kill, just mindless leaf eaters wandering around the planet minding their own business, but don’t go thinking it’s that easy for the whole game. Soon SNAILS will SHOOT at you, ruining all your planetoid building goodness and requiring a little more thinking on your feet.

You progress this way through differing environments and planets, slowly annihilating anything in your path, until you get to the boss fight… Yeah, you heard me. The boss is a gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex that shoots LASER BEAMS FROM ITS EYES. I know right! You need to use all your space-junk collecting abilities to try and take this sucker out, because he’s got tracking lasers to ruin each attempt. It’s a very visceral reward to hold down on your mouse and feel the space-chaff being drawn to the cursor then flinging it either down to your planet or up off your screen for a radioactive boost. The music is relaxing and adds to the atmosphere (oh! my sides!) helping the game feel rich and polished. The art style is equal parts 10 year old’s imagination (which is awesome when it comes to dinosaurs) and high school science laboratory.

Effing Meteors is amounts of fun that are almost indecent to talk about, like it should be something I kept private. It’s not pants-fun, but it’s the next best thing. You get to shoot asteroids at a dinosaur while he shoots laserbeams out of his eyes at you. Says it all really, no? It’s almost too much kick-ass to fit in one game.

You can find Effing Meteors for free on Armor Games(http://armorgames.com/play/10265/effing-meteors), Kongregate (http://www.kongregate.com/games/Jiggmin/effing-meteors) or Jiggmin (http://jiggmin.com/games/effing-meteors). If you’re feeling generous you should make the most of the tip jar on Kongregate and thank the developers for finally filling the Dinosaurs-with-frickin’-lasers gap in the market.

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    Love the win screen.

    “The universe has been defeated!”

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