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So long


IN THE words of Julie Andrews: ‘So long, farewell, auf Widersehen, good night’:

We’re all off. Not far fortunately. We’re moving round the corner to the ever lovely BeefJack where bovine comedy is plentiful and the living is easy…sorry. Clearly I’m in the mood for lyrics.

The content will be as grand as ever and I’ve no doubt you’ll all be happy to read the sterling work we’re conjuring up.

This however isn’t just to tell you that we’re going. It’s to say thanks to you. Yes you *points*. As clichéd as it may sound, this site would have been nothing without you dear reader. You’re brilliant.

And oi, you lovely freelancers who have written for the site over the year. You’re brilliant too and I wish you all fantastic future writing careers.

Now finish reading the lovely content that we’re ending on and wander on over to BeefJack. Pull up a chair there, have a laugh, enjoy yourself. It’s going to be an exciting ride ahead.

Jennifer Allen

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    Best of luck!

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