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Meet The Team

Ugh, look at our grubby faces. Goodness knows why you’d want to find us elsewhere on the Internet with these ghastly mugshots. Nevertheless, find our other haunts and contact details below.

Jennifer Allen, Editor In Chief
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Jennifer forcibly thrust her way onto the Editor’s throne in June 2010 after a spell as Features Editor. She’s responsible for the content direction of the site: brainstorming ideas, scheduling and planning, and – just sometimes – writing stuff.

Steve Peacock, Deputy Editor
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Steve joined as Deputy Editor to fill Dan’s boots in June 2010. He’s the go-to guy for hands-on editing: the bloke who takes everyone else’s copy, screams at how badly it’s spelled, and eventually turns it into the glowing prose you read on Resolution Magazine.

Greg Giddens, Section Editor
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Long-serving freelancer Greg joined the team in 2009. In that time, he’s also grown the most extraordinary beard, which sadly is not pictured is there! Look! He looks after Resolution’s features and making sure we remember to not just write news, previews and reviews.

Brendan Caldwell, Section Editor
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Brendan stepped into his news editing role during the terrifying week of E3 2010, and is a marvellous man for doing so. He’s in charge of ensuring Resolution delivers top quality news output as the biggest stories break.

Leena Van DeventerLeena van Deventer, Section Editor
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Leena became Resolution’s indie editor in October 2010. She now spends her days carefully perusing all the latest indie games and letting you know about the best ones.

Lewis AndersonLewis Anderson, Staff Writer
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Having joined the team only weeks before, this man didn’t wait long to leave his mark. In a breakthrough in June 2010, he became the only staff member to go by the name of Lewis, having “disappeared” former editor Lewis Denby, whose whereabouts remain unknown.

Jon BeachJon Beach, Staff Writer
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Jon joined the team in October 2010. He’s lean, he’s keen, he’s hopefully not mean. Actually, he’s quite mean if you dare to spell his full first name wrong. You’ve been warned.

Phill Cameron, J.D. Richardson, Chris Evans, Lewis Denby, Martin Gaston, Mike Hirst, Andy Johnson, Sinan Kubba, Laura Michet, Claire Portlock, Mike Rose, Michael Sterrett, Lauren Wainwright, Peter Willington, Daniel Lipscombe, Marco Fiori

If you need to chat to the podcast team, email them: podcast[at]resolution-magazine.co.uk

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