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Red Dead and Minecraft are ‘good things’, GDC awards claim


Red Dead and Minecraft are ‘good things’, GDC awards claim

WESTERN SHOOTER Red Dead Redemption and blocky sandbox building things game Minecraft are good, according to a Game-playing Developmental Conglomeration.

“Minecraft makes me want to kiss the Internet,” said one Conglomatron. “And Red Dead has horses and you can wear hats in it and everything.”

The just now made-up comments came as Red Dead won four awards at the Game Developers Choice Awards, including Best Game Design and Game of the Year.

Minecraft won five awards overall, three in the Choice Awards and two more in the Indie Games Festival, Including Best Downloadable Game, the Innovation award and the Seumas McNally Grand Prize – worth $20,000.

Nidhogg won the Nuovo Award while Amnesia: The Dark Descent was also said to be “yeah, I like that too”, winning three IGF awards including Excellence in Audio and Technical Excellence.

Well done to all them folk. Well deserved methinks.

(Via GameInformer)

Brendy Caldwell

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