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Keita Takahashi’s playground designs revealed


Keita Takahashi’s playground designs revealed

KEITA TAKAHASHI, creator of the Katamari titles and Noby Noby Boy, has revealed some of the designs he has drawn for a playground he is creating in Nottingham. Yeah, he’s really doing that.

Okay, so we’ve been sitting on these for a while. Since GameCity in October. I forgot. And yeah, this isn’t strictly videogames related. Big whoop. We’re showing you, anyway. Jeez. Get over it.

Mostly I’m just putting these up for future reference. Because pictures of kids running around impossibly treacherous obstacles is always funny.

Disclaimo muy importante: a lot of these plans haven’t been approved by Nottingham’s council and many of Keita’s designs have been outright rejected for blatant health and safety reasons or high cost. So these are all technically “what if…?” drawings. Still fun to look at though.

Brendan Caldwell

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